All around the world, ever taller and ever more spectacular new skyscrapers are being planned and built. Read here which buildings are currently the five tallest in Europe, where they are located and what makes them stand out.

The Shard

The highest towers in Europe- The Shard

The Shard Tower, designed as a shard of glass was designed by Renzo Piano it reaches 310 meters, making it the tallest building in Europe. It was built in 2012 owned by the State of Qatar, consists mainly of 72 residential floors, a panoramic balcony and, last platform for tourism. One can enjoy the amazing 360 degree view and contains 44 elevators in the skyscraper.  This iconic London structure is the tallest building in London and one of the highest in Europe.

Eiffel Tower

The highest towers in Europe - Tour Eiffel

Named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is a world-renowned symbol of France and one of the most visited monuments in the world! It is 324 meters high and has been the tallest man-made structure in the world for over four decades. The tower has knocked down the height of the Chrysler building with the addition of a 5.2 meter antenna, there are 300 steps to reach the top floor but mainly nine elevators including employees. It houses restaurants for its visitors and has proven incredibly beneficial to the French tourism industry.

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt

The highest towers in Europe - Commerzbank tower

The Commerzbank is the tallest building in Germany. It is a 259 meter high skyscraper that, when you add on the antenna and light, extends to 300 meters. It was designed by Foster and Partner and is located on the Kaiserplatz in Frankfurt. It consists of 56 floors and is illuminated with a golden pattern that can be seen at night! This lighting effect combined with the remarkable architecture and design, enchanted many professionals of the art of tourism. This landmark is a unique example of environmentally friendly and energy saving infrastructure.

Mercury City Tower

The highest towers in Europe- Mercury City Tower

Located in Moscow, it is a multipurpose building has mirrored bronze colors, composed of residential and commercial areas. It took almost 4 years to develop this building. This tower is 338.8 meters high and has 80 floors, with a total of 31 elevators. The skyscraper was designed by Frank William, its surprisingly distinct shape and colorful tower present a constant glow that distinguishes it from the busy Moscow skyline and always fascinates its beautiful audience. Every year a huge number of tourists visit this incredible structure!

Sapphire Istanbul

The highest towers in Europe - Sapphire Istanbul

Composed of 54 levels, the Istanbul Sapphire rises to 238 meters, which, with the spire, reaches 261 meters. Its project was developed by Biskon Yapi. It is a luxurious commercial residential building that was inaugurated in 2011 at buyukdere Avenue Lèvent, This high-tech structure has 10 basements and offers a natural atmosphere to its inhabitants, A computerized system is installed in the building to control the amount of ray and light entering and absorbed inside the premises, depending on the weather conditions of the day or season. Istanbul Sapphire is ranked as the second tallest building after the Istanbul Diamond in the Maslak business district. Many people visit its large shopping center; located in the central business district.

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