The Caribbean has always been an interesting destination to travelers who are seeking new discoveries and a magical vocation.

Thus, a trip to the Caribbean is the best gift to offer at any season. It is a heavenly spot that offers an unforgettable state of relaxation.

If you are planning to visit the idyllic Caribbean anytime soon, we made this list of the best islands just for you:

1. Saint Martin

This half-French half-Dutch island is a fantastic place that attracts tourists thanks to its nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The island also offers its visitors the comfort needed to enjoy their favorite activities such as hiking trips and many more outdoor commodities.

2. Aruba 

On this island, you can find everything: luxurious hotels, royal casinos, souvenir stores…

You won’t lack anything. Sunset in Aruba is an event that should not be missed no matter what the circumstances are.

3. Trinidad and Tobago

Full of sandy beaches with calm and spectacular bays, there are so many things to see in Trinidad that one has to plan a long stay in order to see them all. Main Ridge forest is also a must-see protected reserve that should be visited at any price.

4. Jamaica 

Jamaica is undoubtedly the ideal destination for travelers of all ages. Thus, there are many spots to satisfy all tastes. For the romantic people out there, Negril is the go-to place whereas Montego Bay is more family oriented. As for Ocho Rios, this is the best destination for cruisers.

Do you have any other recommendations for a trip to the Caribbean?  Which of these above destinations would you choose for a honeymoon?