Monasteries are among the most beautiful and impressive buildings in the world. Often built with enormous effort, they have spanned several centuries, they impress with their imposing architecture, others with their picturesque locations, far from any civilization, which is why many in the world have been designated as World Heritage Sites.

Rongbuk Monastery

The largest monasteries in the world - Monastère de Rongbuk

It is the highest monastery in the world and the highest religious in the world. At 5000m above sea level, it blends perfectly with the scenery created by the Himalayan range and of course Mount Everest. A sacred place for many pilgrims, the monks of the monastery do their best to preserve this unique site. It is one of the best places to see the imposing Everest.


The largest monasteries in the world - Potigny

The abbey of Potigny, near Auxerre, was founded in 1114 by a small group of monks. Located in the present day Burgundy in the department of Yonne, Pontigny prospered rapidly. The monks lived in silence, work and prayer. A magnificent building with exceptional dimensions: long perspectives all in simplicity and sobriety, games of shadows and transfer of Romanesque style and first Gothic elements.

The Mont Saint-Michel

The largest monasteries in the world - La Mont Saint Michel

Located in northern France, dominates an entire island that lies in the sea off Normandy. It is a world heritage site and is one of the most important buildings of the Middle Ages in France. Many visitors are impressed by the imposing walls, then stroll through the steep streets of the rocky island between restaurants, stores and museums.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimo in Lisbon

Mosteiro dos Jeronimo à Lisbonne

Located in Portugal, the spectacular Order of St. Jerome in Lisbon was built over 100 years in gratitude for the safe return of the discoverer Vasco da Gama. A beautiful garden stretches around the richly decorated facade, a symbol of the heyday of 16th century Portugal.

Monastery of Studenica

Monastère de Studenica

A monastery founded in the twelfth century, the Studencia is the largest and richest Orthodox monastery in Serbia. It is a remarkable and well-preserved example of the monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It consists of a whole set of exceptional monuments, surrounded by monastic buildings leaning along the surrounding wall.

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