The river is considered as a small watercourse which flows into another watercourse. Here are the longest rivers in Asia.

The Yangzi jiang or Blue river

THE longest rivers in Asia  FLEUVE BLEU

Considered as the longest river in Asia with a length of 6357 km, flowing throughout China. Taking its source in the northwest of the country precisely in the province of QUINGHAI and counting 700 tributaries to finally die in the East China Sea.

The Yellow River - the Huang He

THE longest rivers in Asia  - Le Fleuve Jaune

With a length of 5646 km, located in the north of China and taking its source in the mountain range of BAYAR HAR. Crossing nine Chinese provinces and flowing into the Bohai Sea; Yellow River comes from its muddy color due to its high turbidity and its large quantities of alluvium.

The Amur River

Le Fleuve damour

With a total length of 4 440 kilometers, the Amur River is one of the longest rivers in Asia. It is the result of the confluence of two rivers: the Argun and the Chilka. A part of the river serves as a natural border between China and Russia. It ends its course in the Sea of Okhotsk, just at the level of Sakhalin Island.

The Mekong

THE longest rivers in Asia  - Mékong

4 350 kilometers long for this mythical river which is born in Tibet. The Mekong passes through the gorges of Yunnan, then passes between Thailand and Laos to return to Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong finally flows into the South China Sea

The Lena River

THE longest rivers in Asia  - lena

With a length of 4 270 kilometers, the Lena is one of the majestic rivers of Russia. It flows from south to north through the whole of Siberia and ends its course in the Laptev Sea, in the Arctic Ocean.


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