For Christmas, there is nothing like a destination that celebrates this holiday the way it should be celebrated.

We offer you the list of three places that ooze holiday spirit! These cities have charming avenues, breath-taking holiday-themed decoration and a big variety of food. So if you like to celebrate Christmas overseas, allow us to help you make your choice!

1- New York, USA

The lighting of the Rockefeller Center's tree is a highly anticipated event during Christmas. The Union Square market contains many shops that are a real attraction for tourists in this festive period. New York remains the dream destination of all par excellence!

2- Lapland, Finland

It is the ideal place to plunge yourself in the Christmas mood. The Santa Claus Village is a park lit by sparkling lights with several attractions that do not leave tourists indifferent.

3- Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a huge market which is in the oldest amusement park in Europe. The many Danish dishes available to visitors are a delight. You will not be disappointed with your stay.


And you, which destination seems to you most appropriate to celebrate Christmas ?