Huffington Post revealed some of the most beautiful and unknown beaches in the world.

These destinations are true tropical paradises that isolated and far from any agglomeration.

For those who want to visit special places, these are beaches that few have heard of until now:

1. The Flamenco Beach of Culebra Puerto Rico

A superb beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

2. The Bonifacio beach of Corsica 

Another unusual place where the hills seem to pour into the sea.

3. The beach Star (El Nido) of Filipines 

Its water so clear that you can perfectly see the bottom of the sea.

4. The Apollo Golf Course of Australia

 A large quiet beach and a sea with great waves. Ideal for those who want to surf.

5. The San Blas Island of Panama 

It seems unreal, as if it was copied from an album to tourist photos.

6. The beach of Mahé

Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles.

7. The beach seven miles from the Cayman Islands 

Classified among the most beautiful in the world.

8. Oludeniz beach in Turkey 

It is located in a beautiful blue lagoon.

9. The beach Baia do Sancho of Brazil 

This was declared in 2015 the best beach in the world.

10. Cabo San Lucas of Mexico 

Has a strange bowl shape, with edges shaped like rocks.