When we see bridges in our country, we can find it in different forms, and in all sizes. They are structures that serve to bring communities together and energize daily life, it is a structure that allows to cross a natural or artificial obstacle, let's discover the longest bridges in Europe.

The Lezira Bridge 

The longest bridges in Europe  - Le Pont Lezira

With its 12000 meters of length, this bridge is located in Portugal. Indeed, it is located in the northwest of Lisbon. It spans the Sorraia River and the Tagus River, one of the longest rivers in Europe. Its construction began in 2005 and was completed and opened in 2007, its purpose is to ensure the connection between the highways, its choice is incredible!

The Oresund Bridge

The longest bridges in Europe  - Le Pont DOresund

Located between Denmark and Sweden, this bridge has the particularity of being composed by two floors above, it is very mythical it connects the Scandinavia of the South, that is to say Denmark with its Scandinavian neighbors of the North. It is sunk by a tunnel that plunges into the Baltic Sea.  It is 7845 meters long. Its landscape is to be admired, it is a symbol because it surrounds.

The Vasco da Gama Bridge 

The longest bridges in Europe  -  Pont Vasco de Gama

It is among the longest bridges in Europe, it is located in the north of Lisbon, the beautiful Portuguese capital. The Vasco Gama Bridge has a length of 12345 meters, it was inaugurated in 1998 and it bears the name of a famous navigator, it can be qualified as the national pride because it was designed to withstand an earthquake and also remarkable for its compliance with environmental standards and ensures important development prospects 

Millau Viaduct

The longest bridges in Europe  - Viaduc de Millau

It rises majestically above the Tarn valley. By its modernity and its size, the viaduct does not leave indifferent, it is greeted by its architectural work. It was necessary to give substance to this dream, it is visited every year by visitors; tourists, architecture lovers, journalists as well as motorists. It is implemented in 2004 with a surface of 2460m.

The Bridge of Normandy 

The longest bridges in Europe  -  Pont de la Normandie

It is a cable-stayed bridge spanning the estuary of the Seine and connecting Le Havre to the town of Sandouville with a surface area of 2252 meters. It aims at the protection of the users, the visits are possible, of the carpoolings, the regulations of exploitation and the exceptional transports, it has for importance also of a safeguard of the natural environment.

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