Imagine listening to the call of the elephant from a luxury camp or listening to the bewitching melodies of the snake charmer in a medina. Africa is full of exceptional places and an important offer of unusual luxury accommodations. You can find camping lodges in several African countries; let's find the best campsites.

Duba Plains Camp

Duba Plains Camp

Located in Botswana; it is a unique landscape, composed of woods, idiots and alluvial breads, which shelters beautiful animals among which the interesting species of the Kalahari that connoisseurs come to admire, it is in the heart of the Okavango Delta =in a private reserve where some tents are placed, designed to blend into the landscape while evoking the style of the 1920s. With extreme comfort, they are slightly elevated and each offers a splendid view of the plains that we explore with a guide; it is the only operator on this concession, thus offering exclusive access to this wild paradise.

Mpala Jena Camp

Mpala Jena Camp

Under the light shade of tall trees, Mpala Jena Camp stands languidly in a beautiful Moroccan-inspired setting. Equipped with recycled wood and canvas as well as solar electricity, its presence on the banks of the river is as light and discreet as possible. The Paradise for amateurs or confirmed also offers the pleasures of safari, pools with a view on the rapids and adventures at the victorious falls.

Jack's Camp

jacks camp botswana

Is one of Africa's most iconic camps; it has recently been rebuilt and opened, refreshed and reinvigorated, while retaining the very elegant old world glamour we all know and love. Located in Botswana, the campground is one of only three in a million-acre private game reserve. There are amazing choices of activities to enjoy including bush walks, meerkat tours and horseback riding. Keep your eyes open for desert wildlife year-round.

Namibia Habitats

Habitats Namibia

Located in a private estate in Namibia; It has a restaurant and bar, each of the luxury suites also has a private terrace where guests can often catch a glimpse of the wildlife passing by. This area offers a multi-sensory experience, combining adventure, music, wellness and food. You can enjoy activities such as immersive safaris, herbal workshops, indigenous treatments and spas, as well as yoga in the savannah. You can also spot free-roaming animals such as rhinos, wildebeest and zebras.

Gondwana Game

Gondwana Game

 Located in South Africa along the scenic Garden is an ideal luxury safari getaway for visitors to the Cape. It offers a distinctive and authentic free roaming Big 5 safari. It is offered in romantic, self-contained suites with breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape and passing wildlife. For adventure-seeking travelers, zip-lining, cave exploration, deep sea fishing, shark cage diving and parasailing are just a few of the activities offered.

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